NO.021 A meeting of IT-enable Services (ITeS)

Shonan Village Center

July 30 - August 2, 2012 (Check-in: July 29, 2012 )


  • Yu-Hui Tao
    • National University of Kaohsiung, Taiwan
  • Nagul Cooharojananone
    • Chulalongkorn University, Thailand
  • Shiro Uesugi
    • Matsuyama University, Japan
  • Hitoshi Okada
    • National Institute of Informatics, Japan


This meeting is designed to serve as a forum to discuss IT-enable Services (ITeS). The Internet is certainly one of the core infrastructures in the global economy. As multinational corporations operate globally, mobility of goods, human resources and information resources are expanding in a tremendous scale. Penetration of broadband lets the movement accelerated not only in the scale but also in the scope. Use of broadband lets services in digital form to become ITeS. The scale and scope of ITeS are expanding.

Expected topics for discussions also include but not limited to information management, business administration with the help of ICT, innovative use of the Internet for providing services, and so on.

We invite not only social science researchers but also engineers, all who are interested in open up the frontier of collaborative development of application of Internet ? the application in ITeS.

< Topics are the followings, but it is not limited.>

IT-enabled Service Platform Management

Business model and Applications of ITeS

Effective use of Ubiquitous network architecture

Contents Provision and IT-enabled Services

Protection of Privacy and Security of ITeS

Business Ethics and Public Policy of ITeS