About NII Shonan Meeting

Time Frame & Scheme

A meeting is organized in the following procedures. For the details of how to submit a proposal, please see Call for Proposals.

Step 1 Proposal Submission

Prospective organizers submit a proposal including a list of potential participants. Closing days for proposals are June 15th and December 15th.

Step 2 Notification of Review

NII sends back its evaluations of the proposals after about 2-3 months.

Step 3 Invitations

NII sends invitations to the prospective participants chosen by each organizer.

Step 4 Participation Registration

Invitees register as participants on the NII Shonan Meeting’s webpage until three months before the start of the meeting.

Step 5 Travel Information

Shonan Village Center sends reservation forms of accommodation to participants about a month and a half before the meeting.

Step 6 Reservation of Accommodations

Participants reserve accommodations at the Shonan Village Center.