Call for Proposals

Call for Book Proposals

We are inviting proposals to publish a book with a publisher, Springer on the discussions held in the Shonan Meeting. The book should aim to give visions of future trends and contribute to society with the latest research direction, also intended to be a “tutorial” or a “survey” for graduate students.

Any organizers can submit a proposal, and books can be authored, edited and contributed by organizers and participants. After book proposals are submitted to the office of NII Shonan Meeting, we introduce the proposal to Springer. The book is published both as print books and e-books. The length should be more than 125 pages.

Publishing Schedule

Publication normally takes place around 1 year after the proposal is accepted by Springer. However, this time frame can vary depending on the project and timely completion of schedule deadlines.

Publishing Schedule

How to Submit

The office of Shonan Meeting announces the call for book proposal to all organizers before each meeting. We ask organizers to submit necessary information, if the publishing idea is interesting, before a deadline for each meeting.

Required Documents

After receiving the information, Springer directly contacts organizers. If the following could be prepared in advance at the organizers’ side, it might help smooth arrangement.

ᴀ. Project Information

Editor/Author Names(Write in Chinese character if applicable.)

Book Title

*Subtitle is “Communications of NII Shonan Meetings”.

ʙ. Short Book Description

Please provide a brief summary of the book (up to 2,000 characters including spaces) to be used later as a basis for the back book-cover text or in websites, etc.

ᴄ. Table of Contents

Please provide a draft of the top-level headings. You may attach a file as appropriate.

*Please write the author’s name and the names of all authors involved, if applicable.

ᴅ. Information of Author/Editor/Chapter Contributors

  • Full names (Write in Chinese character if applicable)
  • Formal titles (Dr., Prof., etc.)
  • Affiliations
  • Location addresses
  • Contact details (including e-mails and URLs).

*Please specify the corresponding editor if there is more than one editor.
*Please submit the name and affiliation of a representative person if a chapter has more than one author.

  • CVs of Authors/Editors

*It should include career notes, lists of related publications, reviews of these, etc. Please also indicate online sources if available. In the case of edited books, provide CVs of the editors only, not the chapter contributors.