Call for Proposals

NII is calling for proposals for a future seminar of NII Shonan Meeting by internationally standing scientists on any topics of informatics. Proposals could be submitted via Easy Chair

Notice for new organizers planning to submit proposals;
Due to the repeated postponement originally planned during the pandemic of COVID-19, we'd like to strongly ask you to plan your seminar to be held in and after November 2025 when you submit the proposal to us through Easy Chair. For your information, the venue is not available every April. If you have any concern or inquiry, please feel free to contact anytime shonan [at]

How to Submit Proposals

The following items are required in the submission:

  • Meeting title
  • Organizers
  • Candidates of the meeting dates
  • Description of the meeting (1-2 pages, in English)
  • 1-page CV for each organizer
  • Invitee list (excel list is desirable) 

For each item, please find detailed information below. Please also see guidelines for general information of Shonan Meeting.

Meeting Title

The proposal should clearly motivate the topic of your seminar.


Please list up names of organizers, affiliation and affiliation's country. The number of organizers should be at most three, one of which is required to be from Asia. It is preferable that all are from different institutions.

Candidates of the Meeting Dates

Please propose multiple candidates of the seminar dates, because the venue, Shonan Village Center might be seasonally crowded. Typically a seminar of NII Shonan Meetings is 4 day seminar from Monday to Thursday, and the check-in day is a night before, Sunday. If necessary, 3 or 5 day seminar is also organizers’ choices.

Description of the Meeting

Please make the description on your proposal for 1-2 pages in English.

Sample of Proposal Submission Form

1-page CV for Each Organizer

Please prepare 1-page CV for each organizer.

Invitee List

It is desirable to use the following excel format when making the invitee list.

Excel Format of Invitee List

Number of Invitees

The number of participants per meeting is 35 at the maximum. It is optimal that more than 25 people attend the meeting, so please submit a list of more than 50 invitees.


Please make a good balance of international diversity, research fields, and a proportion of theoretical and practical areas. The list also should be a mixture of proven experts and promising young researchers, preferably including representative researchers of their community.

Required information

Mandatory items in the list of invitees are:

  • Faculty (junior/senior faculty, postdoc, PhD/Master student etc)
  • Title
  • First name
  • Middle name
  • Last name
  • Affiliation
  • Country of Affiliation
  • Academia/Company of Affiliation
  • Email
  • Gender

In addition, the following information is also helpful, but not mandatory:

  • URL
  • Research Interest

Note of Caution

The Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) maintains a list of foreign entities with restriction in terms of security concerns. Researchers and engineers currently or formerly associated with institutions or companies on this list will be subject to additional screening, which could result in their being considered ineligible to participate in the seminars of Shonan Meeting.

Even not on the above list, the target of additional screening could be persons from any kinds of affiliations which are related to military, weapons and devices of mass destruction.

As a general rule, our head office has stipulated to disapprove foreign military people as well as the invitees related the military research to attend closed-official meetings and seminars held in NII.

Closing Days of Submission

Submission will be closed twice a year on June 15th and December 15th. You can submit your proposal anytime, but the review will start after the following closing day. It would take about 2-3 months at least before notifying the results.

*Please note that proposed seminars are to be held around 8 month - 2 years after the closing day.

  • Guidelines

    NII is accepting the submissions of proposals for NII Shonan Meeting twice a year, June 15th and December 15th for international standing researchers and scientists to hold international meetings with the size of 25-35 participants on any topics of informatics.

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  • Time Table

    Standard timetables are basic samples when making a meeting program. There are 3 standard versions - 3days, 4days and 5days seminar.

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  • Call for Book Proposals

    We are inviting proposals to publish a book on the result of the discussions in the NII Shonan Meeting. Any organizers can submit the proposal collaborating with participants.

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  • NII Shonan School

    The NII Shonan School is a series of lectures for promising students and young researchers by internationally recognized scientists, offering excellent opportunity for summer/winter school in an open atmosphere.

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