Call for Proposals


Please refer below for general information of NII Shonan Meeting. This also could be helpful for future participants of Shonan Meeting.

Seminar Program

NII Shonan Meeting typically does not have a fixed program, following the Dagstuhl seminar style. The program may be developed by discussions under organizers’ conducts, which enables the seminar as dynamic as possible.

Duration and Timetable

Typically each meeting is a 4-day seminar, but 3 or 5 day seminars are also organizers’ choices. Check-in is a night before the meeting starts, Sunday evening, when a welcome banquet is held at the venue. The meeting ends right after lunch on the final day.

Basic timetables


4- and 5- day seminars have a half-day excursion on Wednesday afternoon which all the participants are expected to join. A bilingual guide accompanies the party to go around historical sites, and a micro-bus is chartered for the tour. The Shonan Village Center contacts organizers to support planning an excursion before the meeting. 3-day seminars do not include an excursion program.

Participation Fee

  • Meeting organizers: free
  • Participant from academia: JPY 8,000 per day
  • Participant from industry: JPY 15,000 per day

*Excursion is not included in the above fee. All the participants including organizers have to pay separately. It is approximately JPY 5,000-8,000, depending on the number of participants.

*No travel expense is provided.

FYI: NII Support

*The total cost of Shonan Meeting is about 16,000-17,000 yen per person per night, including accommodation, 3 meals and meeting fees.

*For Academia: NII is covering about 8,000-9,000 yen per person per night.

Procedures to Hold a Meeting

1. Submission of a proposal on a new meeting

The proposal should be submitted via Easy Chair. Please see the detail of how to submit your proposal here.

2. Review of the proposal

Academic Committee reviews the proposal and notify the result when it is finished.  If the proposal is accepted by the committee, NII office starts to help administration of the meeting, contacting organizers.

3. Sending of invitations

Office of Shonan Meeting makes a draft of invitation, and after getting organizers’ confirmation, sends an invitation to the invitees chosen by organizers.

4. Receive registrations

Seminar registration is open until 3 months before the seminar. NII office records each registration and share with organizers a participant list.

5. Sending of reminders

Office of NII Shonan Meeting sends a reminder before the registration of deadline to those who have not yet replied to the invitation.

6. Closing registration

The deadline of registration for participation is usually 3 months before the seminar.

7. Registration of accommodation

About 6 weeks before the meeting, each participant and organizer receive "Accommodation Reservation Form" by email from Shonan Village Center, asked to book accommodation officially. Also each participant needs to pay participation fee by credit card, after receiving the venue's another email on the payment. All the attendees can request the venue to prepare special meals excluding the foods they cannot eat for allergies or any other reasons.

8. Making a meeting program

We ask organizers to make a meeting program including necessary information for participants. Organizers can use a mailing list which NII office create for the meeting.

9. Pre-meeting with the venue

On the check-in or the first day of the meeting, organizers have a short pre-meeting with the staff of the Shonan Village Center.

10. Welcome banquet

Welcome banquet is held at the venue in the evening of check-in day.

11. Submission of a report

After the meeting finishes, we ask organizers to submit a report on their meeting. A printed book of the report is placed at lounge and uploaded in the website of Shonan Meeting.

Other Information

Seminar Photograph

A staff at the venue takes a group photo during the seminar.

Mealtime rules

Seating of participants at lunch and dinner time changes every time according to the Dagstuhl style. This enables participants to seat together with those who are not yet well acquainted with each other. Please note that this rule may change when the venue is crowded.

Computer equipment at the venue

Wireless LAN is covered for all seminar rooms and the floor. Each participant’s staying room is equipped with wired-LAN. The cables are available at the reception.