NII Shonan Meeting

In February 2011, the NII launched the NII Shonan Meeting, the first Dagstuhl-style seminar held in Asia. The purpose of the NII Shonan Meeting is to resolve various challenges in the field of informatics by assembling the very best researchers from around the world to engage in intensive discussions on issues in the field of informatics in an atmosphere that promotes close interaction. Kanagawa Prefecture provides the use of its facilities for these meetings.

The meeting's venue, the Shonan Village Center, provides an environment in which participants can focus on research activities in a setting that provides both spectacular natural beauty and easy access from Narita Airport.

Call for Proposals

  • Guidelines

    If you would like to organize a Shonan meeting, please click here for detailed information on submission of a proposal.

  • Timetable

    Standard timetables are basic samples when making a meeting program. There are 3 standard versions - 3days, 4days and 5days seminar.