No.069 Logic and Verification Methods in Security and Privacy


NII Shonan Meeting Seminar 069


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
9:00 Tutorial – Scedrov Tutorial – Jacobs Tutorial – Bana Tutorial – Hsu
10:10 Break Break Break Break
10:50 3 Research Problems
Talcott, Kawamoto, Jia
3 Research Problems
Ghilezan, Chong, Sands
3 Advertisements
Okada, Baelde, Hirschi
1 Research Problems
11:30 Tool overview – Stefan Conclusion
12:00 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
13:30 Group Photo Free time Free time
14:00 Tutorial – Pavlovic Tutorial – Gambs Tutorial – Garg
15:00 2 Advertisements
Nigam, Maffeis
2 Advertisements
Hasuo, Izumi
2 Advertisements
Dal Lago, Katsumata
15:30 Break Break Break
16:30 Talk -?Morgan Talk – Hofmann Tool demo – Russo
17:00 Open Panel Discussion Open Panel Discussion Open Panel Discussion
18:00 Dinner Dinner Dinner

Time allocated for the different kinds of talks:
Tutorial – 50 minutes
Research Problem talks – 15 minutes
Advertisement Talks – 10 minutes
Tool Overviews – 20 minutes
Others – 25 minutes

Day by Day Schedule

Monday October 26

9:00 – ?Tutorial
Andre Scedrov -?Multiset rewriting with dense time and the analysis of cyber-physical security protocols

10:10 – Break

10:50 – Research Problems
Carolyn Talcott -?Trust and Security Challenges for Networked Distributed Cyber-Physical Agent Systems
Yusuke Kawamoto?-?Combining Static and Statistical Approaches to Quantitative Information Flow
Limin Jia – Challenges in Engineering a Provably Secure Hypervisor Framework

12:00 – Lunch and Group Photo

14:00?- ?Tutorial
Dusko Pavlovic -?Cyber-physical security in actor networks

15:00 – Advertisement Talks
Vivek Nigam -?Timed Intruder Models
Sergio Maffeis – Automated Testing of Browser Security Policies

15:30 – Break

16:30 – Talk
Carroll Morgan?- Greatest pre-uncertainties for hyperGCL:
a backwards semantics for abstract HMM’s

17:00 – Open Panel Discussion

Tuesday October 27

9:00 – ?Tutorial
Bart Jacobs?-?Attribute-based authentication in practice

10:10 -?Break

10:50 -?Research Problems
Silvia Ghilezan -?Types in access control and privacy
Stephen Chong?-?Knowledge and Effect: A Logic for Reasoning about Confidentiality and Integrity Guarantees
Dave Sands -?Language-based Data Minimization.

12:00 -?Lunch

14:00?- ?Tutorial
Sébastien Gambs?-?Inference attacks in location data

15:00 -?Advertisement Talks
Ichiro Hasuo -?Kleisli Simulations, for Quantitative Verification (in General) and Probabilistic Anonymity (in Particular)
Takeuti Izumi?-?Logical system for negligible probability

15:30 -?Break

16:30 -?Talk
Martin Hofmann – GuideForce: type-based enforcement of secure coding guidelines

17:00 -?Open Panel Discussion

Wednesday?October 28

9:00 – ?Tutorial
Gergei Bana?-?Computationally Sound Security Analysis with First Order Logic – An Introduction to the Computationally Complete Symbolic Attacker Based on Indistinguishability

10:10 -?Break

10:50 – Advertisement Talks
Mitsuhiro Okada – French-Japanese cybersecurity framework (with special focus on formal methods)
David Baelde?-?Partial Order Reduction for Security Protocols: Improving Automated Trace Equivalence Checking in the Symbolic Model
Lucca Hirschi?-?Automatic Verification of Privacy Protection for Unbounded Sessions

11:30 – Tool Overview
Deian Stefan -?Building Least Privileged Web Applications with Node.js

12:00 -?Lunch

14:00?- ?Tutorial
Deepak Garg?-?CostIt: Using dependent types and co-monads for incremental complexity analysis

15:00 -?Advertisement Talks
Ugo Dal Lago?-?On Equivalences, Metrics, and Polynomial Time
Sin-ya Katsumata?-?TBA

15:30 -?Break

16:30 -?Tool Demo
Alejandro Russo?-?Two can keep a secret if one of them uses Haskell

17:00 -?Open Panel Discussion

Thursday October 29

9:00 – ?Tutorial
Justin Hsu?-?An introduction to language-based techniques for verifying differential privacy

10:10 -?Break

10:50 – Research Problems
Roberto Giacobazzi?- Towards systematic code obfuscation (theory and practice)

11:30 – Conclusion

12:00 -?Lunch

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