No.037 Software Analytics: Principles and Practice


NII Shonan Meeting Seminar 037

Fish-bowl Panel

The last session on Thursday (Oct 24) will be a fish-bowl panel (see here for the format of a fish-bowl panel).

For our fish-bowl panel, the panel chair (one of the meeting organizers) will pick a debate/discussion topic out of a topic-candidate list contribute by the live audience or by the audience offline ahead of time posted below, and designate that the line of seats on the left hand side of the stage to answer “Yes” (i.e., positive answer) and ?the line of seats on?the right hand side of the stage to answer “No” (i.e., negative answer). A lot of debate/discussion topics may have the real (if any) answer as “It depends” but once a participant gets into a seat on one line, that participant has to stick to and defend the assigned answer. Of course, a participant can freely change seat to the other line on the fly. Note that just like a real debate, someone’s picking a debate side doesn’t imply that that person will be on that side in the real life! So please participate and speak freely!

Privacy policy: whatever is said in the panel/room stays in the room, and no Tweet or Facebook status is allowed to quote concrete contents of the debate. (Please don’t ask the panel chair on the definition of “concrete” because a privacy policy by design includes unclear terms!:)

Below are some (somewhat controversial) candidate topics to start with. Please edit this post to add more topic candidates for debate.

  • Software analytics research must focus on research that produces actionable results. (Answer: Yes or No)
  • Software analytics research must focus on research that produces impact on practice. (Answer: Yes or No)
  • Software analytics research should be part of the software engineering research (e.g., research work on using software data in helping non-software-engineering task should not be considered as software analytics research).?(Answer: Yes or No)
  • Constructing benchmark data for the community to focus on is harmful. (Answer: Yes or No)
  • Research on mining software repositories (MSR) should be limited on mining software repositories (e.g., mining streaming data without having a repository to store them is out of the scope of MSR).??(Answer: Yes or No)
  • Software analytics has reached its peak; all the low hanging fruit already have been collected. ?(Answer: Yes or No)

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