Organizer’s Guidelines

NII is calling for proposals for future Shonan Meetings. We provide a venue for discussions of informatic research and support all the administrative work for holding a meeting, so that organizers can focus on planning the meeting and choosing participants. To submit your meeting proposal, please refer the followings to get general information of Shonan Meeting.


How to submit your proposal of a meeting

Please submit your proposal via the following link of Easy Chair system:

The submission needs a title, a CV for each organizer, candidates of the seminar dates, 1-2 pages of a description of the meeting in English, and a list of invitees. For the detailed information of each section, please refer to the followings.

You can download here a sample form of submission and invitee list:

Proposal Submission Form

Invitee List

*The above Invitee List form will help you to fill in all the necessary information of invitees . Please also see “List of Invitees” below for completing the list.



The number of organizers should be at most three, one of which is required to be from Asia. It is preferable that all are from different institutions.


Candidates of the Seminar Dates

Please propose multiple candidates of the seminar dates. Typically a Shonan Meeting is 4 days seminar from Monday to Thursday, and the check-in day is a night before, Sunday. If you think 4 days is too long or short for your purpose of the meeting, you can also organize 3 or 5 days seminars. Because the venue, Shonan Village Center is sometimes seasonally crowded, we would much appreciate it if you could suggest as many candidates as possible to reserve the venue smoothly.


List of Invitees

The list of Excel file is desirable because it makes it easier for reviewers to check the contents.


The number of participants per meeting is 35 at the maximum. It is optimal that more than 25 people attend the meeting, and we need at least 20 attendees. In order to gather enough people, please submit a list of more than 50 invitees.



Please make a good balance of international diversity, research fields, and a proportion of theoretical and practical areas. The list also should be a mixture of proven experts and promising young researchers. Additionally, it is preferable it includes representative researchers of their community.

Required information

Mandatory items in the list of invitees are:

– Faculty (student, postdoc, junior faculty, or senior faualty etc)

– Title

– First name

– Middle name

– Last name

– Affiliation

– Country of Affiliation

– Academia/Company of Affiliation

– Email

– Gender

In addition, the following information is also quite helpful, but not mandatory:


– Research Interest

Closing days of submission

Closing day of submissions is twice a year on June 15th and December 15th. You can submit it anytime, but the review of your proposal will start after the following closing day. It would take about 2-3 months before notifying the results.

*Please note that proposed seminars are to be held around 8 month – 2 years after the closing day of submission. Therefore, please propose the dates at least 8 months prior to the closing day.

E.g., if the following closing day is December 15th, 2018, we call for the seminar proposal to be held from August 15th, 2019 to December 15th, 2020.

*The closing days for submitted proposals have been changed since 2018. Please see the details here at “Change of the closing days of submission proposals.”


Seminar Program

NII Shonan Meetings, following the famous Dagstuhl seminar style, typically do not have a fixed program. The program may be developed by discussions under organizers’ conducts, which enables the seminar as dynamic as possible.

Duration and Timetable

Typical duration of Shonan Meeting is 4 days, and you can also organize 5 or 3 days seminars. For the details of a basic timetable of each seminar, please see You can arrange the schedule as you like, and if you have some specific requests, please inform to office of NII Shonan Meetings in advance.

In all the meetings, participants are requested to check-in a night before the meeting starts, Sunday evening, and a welcome banquet is held in the hotel on the night. The meeting ends right after lunch on the final day.


4 and 5 days seminars have a half-day excursion after lunch on Wednesday which all the participants are expected to join. A bilingual guides, well acquainted with local information accompany the party to go around historical sites, and a micro-bus is chartered for the tour. The Shonan Village Center will contact organizers to support planning an excursion before the meeting. 3 days seminars do not include an excursion program.


Venue and Accommodation

The meetings are held in Shonan Village Center, located in Kanagawa prefecture near Tokyo, which offers facilities for conferences and lodging in a resort-like setting. All the participants are required to stay at Shonan Village Center throughout the meeting. Shonan Village Center can be accessed by a direct train from Narita International Airport. It also supplies separate rooms and spaces for group discussions, other than normal seminar rooms.

Shonan Village Center official website:

Access to Shonan Village Center:


Participation Fee

Regular participation fees are paid in advance when each participant reserves hotel accommodation via Shonan Village Center web page until 10 days ahead of the seminar.

Regular fees:

  • Meeting organizers: free
  • Participant from industry: JPY15,000
  • Participant from Academia: JPY8,000
  • Accompanied persons to participants: JPY7,500 (Meal charge is not included.)

Excursion fees are NOT included in the above fees and  we would ask each participant including organizer to additionally pay for excursion(approx. JPY5,000). The payment would be made together with accommodation reservation. Other expenditure is paid by each participant at checking-out of the Center if any. After the payment, the receipt of the fees would be provided at the reception.

*NII Shonan Meeting will NOT support travel for any organizers and participants.


How the Shonan Meetings are Proceeded

1. Send Invitation letters

Invitations are sent out by emails by office of NII Shonan Meeting (shonan[_at_], after the content of the letters would be checked by organizers.

2. Receive Registration

Seminar registration is open until 3 months before the seminar. However, invitees are asked to promptly respond via the designated webpage in the invitation letter.

3. Send Reminders

Office of NII Shonan Meetings sends out a reminder before the registration of deadline to those who have not yet replied to the invitation.

4. Closing Registration

The deadline of registration for participation is usually 3 months before the seminar. However it may change according to the registration situation or for other reasons.

5. Reservation of Accommodation

Shonan Village Center sends out an email approximately 6 weeks ahead of the seminar to those who made a registration, in which the application form for hotel accommodations and necessary travel information are included.

6. Making a Webpage for the Meeting

We will ask organizers to make a webpage for the seminar after the registration deadline. We will provide a frame of the webpage with ID and password for Word Press. It will offer participants the useful information for preparing themselves for the seminar, such as a participant list or detailed timetable.

7. Pre-meeting on the Seminar day

On the check-in or the first day of the meeting, organizers have a short pre-meeting with the staff of the Shonan Village Center.

8. Mealtime rules

Seating of participants at lunch and dinner time changes every time according to the Dagstuhl style. This enables participants to seat together with those who are not yet well acquainted with each other. Please note that this rule may change when the hotel is crowded.

9. Free time

The center is equipped with the room for free discussions after dinner which we call “a lounge.” There you can get some drinks and snacks, and also by them at the shop near the reception.

10. Submission of a Report

After the meeting finishes, organizers are requested to submit a report on their meeting, which are published online in the page “NII Shonan Meeting Report.” For further details, please see the guide for authorizing a report.


Other Information

Computer equipment at the venue

Wireless LAN is covered for all seminar rooms and the floor. Each participant’s staying room is equipped with Wired-LAN. The cables are served at the reception.

Other required items

The center is equipped with projectors, screens, white boards, flip charts, PCs, laser pointers and so on.

Seminar Photograph

Shonan Village Center staff takes all members photograph during the seminar.