NII Shonan Meetings, following the well-known Dagstuhl Seminars, aim to internationally promote informatics its research, by providing another world’s premier venue for world-class scientists, promising young researchers, and practitioners to come together in Asia to exchange their knowledge, discuss their research findings, and explore a cutting-edge informatics topics.


The meetings are held in Shonan Village Center near Tokyo, which offers facilities for conferences, trainings, and lodging in a resort-like setting. The friendly and open atmosphere is to promote communications among participants. The NII Shonan Meetings are managed by National Institute of Informatics (NII) , Japan.


Scope and Style

A meeting usually lasts for four days (Monday to Thursday) or shorter with the initiation of at most three organizers including one from Asia. NII invites on their behalf about 25 to 35 researchers of international standing from academia and industry.


A meeting typically does not come with a fixed program. Instead, the program are guided by topics and presentations that evolve through discussions. The participants are encouraged to present new ideas to develop the program.


All administrate work of a meeting will be supported by the NII office such as sending invitation letters or arranging accommodations, so that the organizers can focus on planning the seminar.