Call for Proposals

NII invites international standing scientists to submit proposals for international meetings (with about 25-35 participants) on any topics of informatics. The proposal should clearly motivate the topic of your seminar and include the following items:

  • Meeting Title
  • Organizers (1-page CV for each organizer)
  • Proposed Dates for the Meeting (two or more candidate dates are needed)
  • Description of the Meeting (1-2 pages, in English)
  • Invitation list (Title/First Name/LastName/Affiliation/email/gender)
  • Sample Application Form*NOTE: This is just for your reference.

Your proposal should be submitted via the following EasyChair page:

The proposal will be reviewed by NII’s Scientific Committee. Once your proposal is approved, our staff will help you to organize the seminar.

We welcome your proposal anytime through a whole year, although submission is closed in June 15th, September 15th & December 15th. Notification of acceptance is only made after about 2-3 months of each closing day.

Please note that the seminars we are calling for, are those to be held between 8 months ahead and 2 years ahead of the next submission due date. (Example: In the case that the next due date is December 15th, 2017, we are calling for the seminar to be held from August 15th, 2018 to December 15th, 2019.)

Time Frame




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NII Shonan Meeting Scheme







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Organizer’s Guidelines

Call for Book Proposal

NII Shonan Meeting Brochure