The accepted proposal for NII Shonan School will have the following financial supports from NII. However we encourage the organizers to apply for additional grants in order to reduce participant fees for students and to have more participants.

Travel expenses

  • Flight expenses for invited lecturers are covered and paid by NII according to NII regulations (economy, return ticket)
  • The total expenses for all the lecturers’ flights have to be below 1,000,000 JPY, which is the maximum travel budget allowed for each of the NII Shonan School (It is possible to use this budget for organizers’ flights as well).
  • However, even if the total travel expenses are less than the maximum travel budget, the organizers cannot use the rest of the travel expenses for other purposes.
  • Travel expenses for organizers will NOT be paid by NII,
  • Travel expenses for any participants (PhD students/ young researchers/ excellent master and bachelor students) will NOT be paid by NII, either.


  • Accommodation fees for organizers are covered by NII.
  • Accommodation fees for invited lecturers are also covered by NII.
  • However, accommodation fees for the participants will NOT be covered by NII and we will ask each of the participants to pay their accommodation fees which include full board (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) at the following rate per night:Participant: 12,500 JPY per night per person*Participants must share a twin room (two participants per room).
    *Excursion fee, around 5,000 JPY, is not included in the participation fee.
    *We will NOT support travel for any participants.

Conference facilities

  • Fees for conference and meeting facilities (rooms, projectors, white boards) are covered by NII
  • Catering fees (coffee and snacks) are also covered by NII


  • A small amount of honorarium may be optionally paid to the invited lectures and it will be covered by NII.
  • However, please bear in mind that the amount of honorarium for the lecturers is fixed regardless of the number of lectures and its duration.
  • Please also note that organizers cannot receive the honorarium even if they give lecture(s) at NII Shonan School.


  • Fees for mini-breaks (a kind of excursion) are not included. We will ask each of participants to pay it additionally.