Guidelines for NII Shonan School

Organizer’s Guidelines for NII Shonan School

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1. School schedules

NII Shonan School is normally held for five days, from Monday to Friday. The check-in date is Sunday evening and the check-out date is Friday after lunch.

It is strongly recommended that you suggest us two or more candidate dates.

2. Organizers

Each NII Shonan School is led by two organizers. One organizer must be from Asian institutes or universities and preferably they are from different institutions or universities. The organizers may have talks at the NII Shonan School in addition to invited lectures.

3. Deadlines for proposal submission

We have call for proposals three times a year and its submission deadlines are 15th June, 15th September and 15th December. NII academic committee reviews each of proposals. It normally takes about a few months for the committee to review the proposal and to notify the tentative results. The organizers can submit proposals anytime at the following site:

Please note that the NII Shonan School we are calling for, should be held 10 months after, but no later than 2 years after the submission deadline.
For example, if the submission deadline is on 15th December 2015, the NII Shonan School should be held between 15th October 2016 and 15th December 2017. Basically, we held the NII Shonan School only once a year.

There is also a sample proposal form at the following webpage:

4. Participant List

The organizers are required to approach, attract, and gather participants by themselves and submit a fixed list of the participants via the EasyChair webpage below within 3 months after the organizers received the tentative accept from the scientific committees for the NII Schonan School:

The committees will inform the final results of the school after the participant list is confirmed. Please note that if the number of the participants is too small, the school may be cancelled. Please also note that you need to pay attention to the balance of the participants, such as international diversity and variety of institutions/universities.

Mandatory items of the participants list include 1 ) title, 2 ) first name, 3 ) middle name, 4 ) last name, 5 ) affiliation, 6 ) email, 7 ) country, and 8 ) research interest.

The optimal number of participants is between 25 and 35 participants, including the organizers and invited lecturers.

5. Web portal

NII Shonan School may provide a web platform based on “Word Press” to the organizers so that they can advertize their NII Shonan School. The organizers may construct a web portal only for their NII Shonan School program. Please contact us if you would like to use the “Word Press” for constructing the web portal. The Word Press is convenient for uploading files. After the organizers have the tentative accept, we will send ID number and PASSWORD to the organizers.

6. Reservation

The Shonan Village Center sends out an email approximately 6 weeks in advance to the NII Shonan School to those whose name is on the list of participants, in which the reservation form for their accommodations and detailed travel information are included.

7. Program of NII Shonan School

The aim and styles of the NII Shonan School is similar to those of so-called summer/winter schools for PhD student in which multiple lectures and hands-on sessions are given by internationally recognized scientists as well as short presentations by the participants. The organizers can decide detailed theme and contents of each of NII Shonan School by themselves.

8. Time table

Since the NII Shonan School is normally five-day program, the Wednesday afternoon can be used for mini-breaks such as hiking, hill-walking, or an excursion to Kamakura, a historical city nearby. Therefore the NII Shonan School normally consists of five morning sessions (from Monday to Friday) and three afternoon sessions (Monday, Tuesday and Thursday).

Please see the standard time table available at the webpage below for your information. If you have some specific requests or changes, please inform the office of NII Shonan Meetings in advance.

9. Pre-meeting

In order to organize the school smoothly, a short pre-meeting with the staffs of NII Shonan School will be held on the arriving day of the organizers.

10. Free time

The center is well equipped with the rooms for free discussions after dinner. Some drinks and snacks are provided at “Exhibition room” of the 1st floor of “Research Wing”.

11. Location

The NII Shonan school will be held at the Shonan Village Center (near Tokyo), which can be accessed by a train called ‘Airport Narita’ from the Narita International Airport (JR Sobu-Yokosuka Line Rapid Train) followed by a local bus, and offers conference facilities, meeting rooms, comfortable accommodation, restaurants and even pools like a resort hotel. The Shonan Village Center also has separate spaces and rooms for group discussions in addition to the normal seminar rooms.

12. Mini breaks (Hiking and Excursion)

The Wednesday afternoon of the NII Shonan School may be used for mini-breaks such as hiking, hill-walking, and an excursion to Kamakura, a historical city nearby. Bilingual professional guides at the Shonan Village Center, who know history or local information well, accompany the party to an excursion for the historical sites. For the tour, a micro-bus is chartered. Each participant is asked to pay about 5,000 JPY for the excursion.

13. Computer equipment

Wireless LAN is well covered for all seminar rooms and each floor of the Shonan Village Center. Each participant’s guest room is equipped with Wired-LAN. The cables can be borrowed at the reception.

14. Other conference and meeting equipment

The seminar room has projectors, screens, whiteboards, flip charts, laser pointers etc and you would not need to bring anything apart from your laptop.

15. NII Shonan Meeting Report

NII publishes online an “NII Shonan Meeting Report”
for each meeting and school. The organizers are requested to contribute a report after their meeting or school. For further details, please see the guide for authoring a report. Also please send us slides of all talks as well when you submit a report.

16. Expenses of the participants

Regular participation fees are paid in advance when each participant reserves his/her accommodation via Shonan Village Center web page, which need to be done 10 days before the seminar.

Regular fees:
–     Participant: 12,500 JPY per night

In the above expenses, excursion fees are NOT included. We would ask each participant (including organizers and lecturers) to pay excursion fees in addition. Participants are expected to stay at the Center throughout and to attend the full meeting and excursion. The payment would be made together with accommodation reservation. Other expenditure (if any) has to be paid by each participant at checking-out of the Center. The receipt of the above fees would be provided at the reception.

17. Budget Support

Travel Expenses

Flight expenses for invited lecturers are covered and paid by NII according to NII regulations (economy, return ticket). The total expenses for all the lecturers’ flights have to be below 1,000,000 JPY, which is the maximum travel budget allowed for each of the NII Shonan School (It is possible to use this budget for organizers’ flights as well). Even if the total travel expenses are less than the maximum travel budget, the organizers cannot use the rest of the travel expenses for other purposes.

Regarding the flight tickets and the itineraries, our budget has several constrains below, which you need to pay attention and to understand:

1) NII will pay airfares for the invited lecturers. However the departure and return dates have to be exactly before and after the Shonan School starts and ends. The invited lectures cannot extend their stay as long as they use our travel budget.

2) NII will purchase the flight tickets for the invited lectures once the submitted proposal is accepted. Please do not purchase the flight tickets by yourself.

3) The flight route from the country where the invited lectures leave to Tokyo must be direct or shortest if the direct flights do not exit. They cannot drop by and stay at any other countries.

4) NII can pay airfares only for a round-trip ticket of an economy seat. NII cannot pay the flight expenses for one-way tickets and cannot reimburse the flight tickets purchased by other travel agency.

5) NII cannot partially pay for any flight tickets.

The travel expenses for organizers will NOT be paid by NII (however it is possible to use the budget of lecturers’ flights (1,000,000 JPY) for organizers’ flights as well. In that case, it is also required to follow the above regulations about using the budget).

The travel expenses for any participants (PhD students/ young researchers/ excellent master and bachelor students) will NOT be paid by NII.


Accommodation fees for organizers are covered by NII. Those fees for invited lecturers are also covered by NII.

However, again, accommodation fees for the participants will NOT be covered by NII and we will ask each of the participants to pay their accommodation fees, which include full board (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) at the following rate per night:

Participant: 12,500 JPY per night per person

Conference Facilities

Fees for conference and meeting facilities (rooms, projectors, white boards) are covered by NII. Catering fees (coffee and snacks) are also covered by NII


A small amount of honorarium may be optionally paid to the invited lectures and it will be covered by NII. However, please bear in mind that the amount of honorarium for the lecturers is fixed regardless of the number of lectures and its duration. Please also note that organizers cannot receive the honorarium even if they give lecture(s) at NII Shonan School.


Again fees for mini-breaks (a kind of excursion) are not included. We will ask each of participants to pay it additionally.

Best Student Award

NII will cover participation fees of 2 brilliant students. Organizers can recommend up to 2 participants for the best student award when organizers submit the participant list. Academic Committee will assess and evaluate the students based on the letter of recommendation from organizers, and inform the result with the information of final review of the proposal. Please note that this award will not cover their travel expenses.

18. NII Shonan School Photograph

A Shonan Village Center staff will take a professional photograph, which includes all the participants during the NII Shonan School.

19. Shop and store

There is a convenience store, which is about 15-min walk from the Shonan Village Center and open for 24 hours.