Call for Proposals

NII invites international outstanding scientists to submit proposals for NII Shonan School (NSS), which aims to provide a series of advanced lectures for about 30 participants, who are mainly PhD students and young researches (and excellent master/bachelor students) on any topics of informatics. The NII Shonan School also aims to provide an excellent opportunity for the participants to build up, enhance and widen international collaboration network.

The proposal should clearly describe the contents of the lectures to be given at your NII Shonan School and benefits for the participants and should include the following items:

  • Title of your NII Shonan School
  • Organizers and their affiliation
    Please submit 1-page CV for each of the organizers
  • Proposed dates for the NII Shonan School
    Please suggest two or more candidate dates
  • Description of the NII Shonan School
    Please explain what types of lectures you plan to provide at the NII Shonal School and why the lectures are important for the participants, who are mainly PhD students and young researchers (and excellent master/bachelor students), in English without using many technical jargons. 1-2 pages
  • Invited lecturers and their affiliation
    Please submit 1-page CV for each of invited lecturers as well as the short abstract of the lectures to be given at the NII Shonan School. The number of invited lectures allowed are up-to-six.)
  • Additional budget for your NII Shonan School
    If you have any other budget, which can be used for organizing your NSS better in addition to our small budget, please let us know its information.
  • Expected travel itinerary of invited lectures and organizers:
    (a) Departure/return date, (b) departure airport and preferable route to Tokyo, Japan and (c) estimated airfares for each of invited lectures and organizers. Please note that the total amount of flight airfares must be less than 1,000,000 JPY.
  • Sample Application Form*NOTE: This is just for your reference.

Please submit your proposal form via the following EasyChair page:

We welcome your proposal anytime through a whole year. We have call-for-proposal three times a year, 15th June, 15th September, and 15th December. Notification of tentative acceptance will be announced just after about 2-3 months of each closing day. Scientific committees for the NII Schonan School will carefully review the proposal.

Note that the organizers are required to approach, attract, and gather participants by themselves and submit a fixed list of the participants via the EasyChair webpage within 3 months after the organizers received the tentative accept from the scientific committees for the NII Schonan School. The committees will inform the final results of the school after the participant list is confirmed. If the number of the participants is too small, the school may be cancelled.

Once your proposal is formally approved, our professional staffs will help and assist you and invited lectures so that you can organize the NII Shonan School smoothly and easily.


Time Frame

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NII Shonan School Scheme

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Guidelines of NII Shonan School