Access to Shonan Village Center

1. Access information of SVC
1) SVC access page (English)
2) SVC access page (Japanese)

2. Map of Zushi Station
1) Map PDF (for the large image) *Bank information on the map
2) Information of Seven Bank







3. Searching train
1) Jorudan
・Narita airport (“Kokunai” means Domestic)
・Haneda airport (Choose the one you use)
[To] Zushi

2) Hyperdia
・Narita International Airport Terminal 1/ Narita International Airport Terminal 2
・Haneda airport (Choose the one you use)
[To] Zushi

3) Narita Airport Access Information

4) Haneda Airport Access Information

4. Ticket (discount) and general information of JR-east
1) JR-east
2) Suica (A prepaid e-money card for moving around and shopping)
3) Suica video

5. Taxi cost from Zushi station to Shonan Village Center
1) It costs around 3,000yen. Some taxies won’t accept credit card, so it might be better to prepare cash for it in advance.

6. Message to Bus and Taxi driver
1) Message to taxi/bus driver