(Q) Is there any useful sites for transportation to Shonan Village Center (SVC)?

(A) Please refer the following page for your information.

Access to Shonan Village Center

(Q) Is there any bank around Zushi Station?

(A) Seven Bank might be useful (Since some cards may not be accepted, please confirm it in advance on the below site.).

Seven Bank

(Q) What is the relationship between the NII Shonan Meeting Center and the Dagstuhl Center?

(A) The two centers are in a good partnership relation with the same goal, but they are independent of each other with no institutional connection. The NII Shonan Meeting Center has benefited a lot from valuable advice and encouragement given by the Dagstuhl Center.

(Q) Are name plates always placed on the table of cafeteria?

(A) We ask hotel staffs to set name plates on the table of cafeteria in order to make a chance to talk with the other participants who doesn’t know each other. However, please note that when the other big groups use the cafeteria as well, they won’t be able to place the name plate on the table since any visitors cannot keep the table in advance at the place.

(Q) What is the feature of the NII Shonan Meetings?

(A) First, the organizers of an NII International Meeting can focus on organization of the meeting (choosing an interesting topic and recommend top researchers who are interested in the meeting to discuss on this topic). All invitation procedure and local arrangements will be done by the NII staffs. Second, the participation fees is very cheap; a researcher in a university pays only 8,000 Yen/day for accommodation and all meals.

(Q) Can the invitation list be longer than 35, and/or expanded later?

(A) Yes, it is fine to have a longer list (in the order of preference), and the list can be expanded later.

(Q) Is a budget plan needed?

(A) No.

(Q) Will NII offer some financial support?

(A) NII will cover full costs of (overnight accommodation and full board of) the organizers, about half costs of participants from academia, and costs of a banquet, and a meeting room. NII Shonan Meeting will NOT support travels and excursion of any organizers and participants.

(Q) What should I do when I have a sudden illness during the meeting?

(A) In case of emergency such as a sudden illness during the meeting, please contact the front desk of SVC. Also please be aware of that any costs related to the sudden illness won’t be covered neither by us nor SVC.

(Q) Can organizer be added after proposal is approved?

(A) No. Proposal must include each organizer’s CV. This information is one of the most important information for reviewing the submitted proposal. Therefore, once we approved the proposal, we don’t accept any additional organizers.

(Q) Can a meeting be held on Friday?

(A) We hope the meeting is held from Monday to Thursday, but it is fine to have it on Friday if there is some special reason. We reserve Friday so that some participants can use it to visit some Japanese universities after the meeting.

(Q) Should a report be published after a meeting?

(A) Yes. NII requires organizers to publish a meeting summary as an NII

Technical Report.

(Q) What is the differences between Dagstuhl Seminer and Shonan Meeting?

(A) Shonan Meeting is operated by NII.

The size (number of participants and days) of Shonan Meeting is smaller.

(Q) Can accompanying persons stay the hotel?

(A) Yes. Please ask Shonan Village Center for the details.

(Q) Should participants reserve their rooms for one day before the start date of Shonan Meeting?

(A) Yes, if possible. NII will have a welcome reception in the

evening one day before the start date.

(Q) I have questions/requests for accomodation.

(A) For accommodations, please ask Shonan Village Center.

(Q) Is it possible to stay at the Shonan Village Center after the meeting?

(A) Yes. It is possible with extra accommodation expense if there is an available room.

*Please note that the accommodation expense for the stay after the meeting is different with the amount of participation fee for NII Shonan Meeting.

Stay after the meeting: 10,800 JPY /per person per night (including breakfast)

[Option] Lunch: 1,234 JPY, Dinner: 2,880 JPY

Please write your request to the accommodation reservation form, Shonan Village Center will send participants the form around 6 weeks before the meeting by email, or please ask your request to Shonan Village Center earlier than that.

(Q) Do participants need to make reservation for excursion?

(A) No. Registered participants are automatically counted as participants for excursion. Even if you cannot participate excursion, you will be charged excursion fee around 5,000 JPY.

(Q)How to get to the venue from the train station by bus.

(A) Please get off at the last stop.
You can see Shonan Village Center across the street just after getting off the bus at the last stop.
For more detailed information, please visit the web page of the venue (http://www.shonan-village.co.jp/svc/access.html).

Other useful information

You can use PASMO, which is an electronic money card in Japan, not only for
transportation but also for purchase.
For more detailed information, please visit here(http://www.pasmo.co.jp/en/index.html).
You can purchase PASMO at Narita Airport Station, Keisei-Line.

(Q)How can I get the necessary documents for visa application to enter Japan?

(A) Please consult the Embassy or the Consulate of Japan in your locating country. After confirming the necessary documents for visa application, please contact the office of NII Shonan Meeting (shonan[_at_]nii.ac.jp) and ask us for issuing them in an appropriate timing.