The Academic Committee has accepted 13 proposals

The Academic Committee of NII Shonan Meeting has decided to accept the following 13 proposals.

  • Geometric Graphs: Theory and Applications
  • New Frontiers in Optimal Transport
  • Memory Abstraction, Emerging Techniques and Applications
  • Diagrammatic methods for linear and nonlinear systems
  • the 2nd Controlled Adaptation of Self-adaptive Systems (CASaS2017)
  • Hardware: The Root of Trust for Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS)
  • Theory and Practice of Data Plane Programming
  • Meta-Programming for Statistical Machine Learning
  • Resilient Machine-to-Machine communication
  • Intensional and extensional aspects of computation: From computability and complexity to program analysis and security.
  • Anonymization methods and inference attacks: theory and practice
  • Multimodal Agents for Ageing and Multicultural Societies
  • Modelling and Analysing Resilient Cyber-Physical Systems

The deadline for the next proposal submission is June 15, 2017

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