The Academic Committee has accepted 10 proposals

The Academic Committee of NII Shonan Meeting has decided to accept the following 10 proposals.

  • Computation over Compressed Structured Data
  •  Model-Based Design for Smart Products and Systems: Advanced Capabilities and Challenging Applications
  •  Visual Analytics: Towards Effective Human-Machine Intelligence
  •  Analysing large collections of time series
  •  Accountability in Big Data Systems
  •  Piecewise smooth system and optimization with piecewise linearization via algorithmic differentiation
  •  Reimagining the Mental Map and Drawing Stability
  •  Data Dependent Dissimilarity Measures
  •  Towards industrial application of advanced formal methods for cyber-physical system engineering
  • Patient Similitude: Combining Histopathological Images & Multiple-Scale Molecular Phenotypes

The deadline for the next proposal submission is September 15, 2017

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