100th Commemorative Symposium of Shonan Meetings

In October 2017, NII finally reached the 100th seminar of the Shonan Meetings. In commemoration of this, NII is holding Shonan Meetings 100th Commemorative Symposium in Tokyo on June 22nd, 2018. We are aiming at building up more advanced and enhanced series of seminar through discussing the announced achievements from the last seminars and the problems to be solved from now on.

The symposium will have two distinguished keynote speakers. Professor Raimund Seidel at Saarland University, a director at Dagstuhl and an authority in Computational Geometry, will talk about the essence of Dagstuhl meetings, and Professor Pierre Casteran at University of Bordeaux, a recipient of the ACM Software System Award for the Coq proof assistant system (a proof assistant system for the first mechanical proof of the four-color theorem), will talk about principles and applications of Coq.

We are looking forward to having many researchers from universities and industries.

*Please notice that this symposium will be done in English and no simultaneous interpretation is provided.


June 22 Friday, 2018


10:00-12:00 (Open at 9:30)


Special Conference Room, National Center of Sciences Building 2F

Please find access information at NII official website.

  • Opening Remarks: Masaru Kitsuregawa, Director General
  • Guest Remarks: Kanagawa Prefecture
  • Introduction of Shonan Meetings: Prof. Zhenjiang Hu
  • Keynote 1
    Title: How Dagstuhl meetings have changed and remained the same over the years
    Prof. Raimund Seidel (Scientific Director of Schloss Dagstuhl & Saarland University)
  • Keynote 2
    Title: The Coq proof assistant: principles, examples and main applications
    Prof. Pierre Casteran (University of Bordeaux)
  • Panel Discussion
    Title: What should NII Shonan Meetings be in next 10 years?
    Panelists: Prof. Raimund Seidel, Prof. Pierre Casteran, Prof. Ken-ichi Kawarabayashi, Coordinated by Prof. Zhenjiang Hu
  • Closing Remarks: Prof. Akiko Aizawa, deputy director general/chair of Steering Committee of Shonan Meeting

English (no translation)

Open for


Hosted by

National Institute of Informatics

Supported by

Kanagawa Prefecture

Reservation of a Seat

To observe the symposium, please reserve a seat in advance in the following ways.

In Japanese:

Please reserve a seat via the following reservation form. The link is at the bottom of the page.


In English:

Please send an email to the office of Shonan Meetings with the information of your name, occupation and affiliation.

The office of Shonan Meetings

Email: shonan [ at ] nii.ac.jp

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Change of the closing days of submission proposals

We would like to announce that closing days of submission proposals for Shonan Meetings have been changed since 2018. Until 2017, they were the 15th of June, September, and December, but they have been changed to the 15th of June and December. Therefore please note that any proposal submitted after June 15th will be reviewed after the following closing day, December 15th.

Regarding how to submit your proposal of Shonan Meeting, please see Organizer’s Guidelines.

If you have any inquiry, please contact shonan <at> nii. ac.jp .

Thank you for your kind understanding.


Office of Shonan Meetings, National Institute of Informatics

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Our deepest condolences to the family and friends of Professor Martin Hofmann

Detail(PDF), Updated: February 9, 2018

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