No.047 Algorithmic Randomness and Complexity


NII Shonan Meeting Seminar 047


How to get the venue

The venue is Shonan Village Center (湘南国際村センター). You can browse the access page.
The following is a summary of this page.

The easiest way from Narita Airport

Use JR YOKOSUKA line (横須賀線) from NARITA airport station that directly goes to ZUSHI station (逗子駅). (The one going to YOKOSUKA or KURIHAMA is good too.) It takes approximately 2h30min. This takes a longer time but no need to change. I would recommend you go buy GREEN CAR (first class car (no seat reservation)) at the same time (which is cheaper than NEX ticket to TOKYO).

From ZUSHI station, get on a taxi and tell the driver “Shonan Village Center”. The driver may not understand English, so it would be a good idea to print out this page, which contains the Chinese characters “湘南国際村センター” of the venue, and show this to the driver.

Shonan Village is actually a big one. The building you need to go is the one with No.1 in Map of Shonan Village. It may be a good idea to print out this page too in case.

Other ways

Actually there are several ways to go there. You can use a faster train but needs to change trains. You can use a bus for saving money. Please consult the access page for details.

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