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Traveling to Shonan Village

There are several routes from Tokyo area or Narita airport. In general, first go by a train to either Zushi (JR – Japan Rails) or Shin-Zushi (Keikyu Railways), and then take a bus or a taxi. For foreigners, we would recommend sharing a taxi from Zushi or Shin-Zushi because that’s just easier. The train route/schedule can be searched by using the train route finder below.

More information on?Shonan Village Home Page.

You may use the one of the following train schedule searches (Google Maps usually also works fine).

Jordan Train Route Finder.
For destination, enter “Zushi” or “Shin-Zushi”. As Tokyo area is served by several companies, you will see several choices. Please pick one that seems most convenient.

Narita Airport Access Planner. You can search a train schedule from/to Narita Airport.

Recommended routes from Tokyo/Airports to Zushi

Note: The following may not be the best route, it’s just routes which are usually quite good.

From Tokyo Narita Airport.
Take JR Narita Express to go to “Ofuna” or “Yokohama”, and then take JR Yokosuka Line to Zushi. Please note that the Narita Express is comparatively expensive, but also quite fast and easy.

From Tokyo Haneda Airport.
Take Keikyu Haneda Airport Line. Change at Keikyu Kamata station to Keikyu Line, and then change at Kanazawa-Hakkei to Keikyu Zushi Line and get off at Shin-Zushi terminal.

From Tokyo Jimbocho area (where NII is located if you happen to visit it).
Go to Tokyo station by a taxi (which costs around 1,500 yen) and then take JR Yokosuka Line to Zushi.
Go to Shibuya station by Tokyo Metro, and then take JR Shonan-Shinjuku Line.

From Zushi or Shin-Zushi to Shonan Village Center

You can take a bus (which leaves once in an hour or half an hour, and takes 30 min from Zushi to Shonan Village Center) or a taxi, which costs 2.500 ? 3.000 yen and takes about 20 min.
As a bus driver is not likely to speak English, we recommend sharing a taxi (or finding a company who speaks Japanese, to take a bus).?Here?are some Japanese messages to show to a taxi driver.

Bus Time Table

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